Below is a snapshot of my position on issues that are important to the citizens in my district. You can read more about where I stand on the issues under the updates sections on this site.

Limited Government

There is no one-size-fits-all model of government. Limiting the power of the state government and returning it to the local level or preferably to the individual to decide for themselves would create happier and healthier communities. Government at any level should not be allowed to compel behavior by an individual or force them against their will into a specific action. Eminent domain is just one example of government power that is abused frequently. The use of it to force an individual to sell their land to another private entity is unconscionable. These types of powers of government need to be reduced if not eliminated.


I would advocate for legislation phasing out taxes on incomes, personal property, and rental property, along with corresponding decreases in the size of government. Tax cuts should be applied to all. The current system where individual businesses seem to be able to negotiate their own tax rate is not sustainable. It is also not in keeping with the principles of liberty and a free people. The government should not pick the winners and losers; instead it should create a positive business atmosphere for everyone.


An individual who spends more than they earn is irresponsible. There should be no exception when it comes to people managing government funds. Anything but a balanced budget is unacceptable. Our state government touts a “budget surplus” but actually is over $22 billion in debt and continues to operate beyond its means. Spending cuts across the board need to happen, and waste needs to be identified and eliminated. Any new spending needs to be coupled with an equal or greater reduction in spending. Billions could be saved by simply requiring the state to accept more than one bid for each project. Also any projected surplus should be used to pay down the debt and not “returned” ahead of time to gain favor with on-the-fence voters.

Promote Effective Methods Against Crime

Replicate successful models of policing where officers are partnered with counselors to differentiate people in crisis versus criminals and keep those in crisis out of our overcrowded prison system.

Privatizing the prison system and base financing on successful rehabilitation, and not on the volume of prisoners that are incarcerated.